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WestTel International

NextGen Emergency Response Technology

WestTel International is changing the way the public safety industry talks about state of the art.

Who We Are

WestTel is Next Generation 911, period.

Conceived as a purely Next Generation 911 provider, WestTel offers cutting-edge, high-availability NextGen 911 services that are robust enough to handle the most demanding metropolitan PSAPs, yet are delivered through a business model geared towards the budgets of smaller or more rural communities. Learn more…

What Makes Us Different

Our mission is reinvent the way public safety incorporates innovation.

WestTel International is completely free of the legacy demands faced by most companies serving the public safety industry. While our solutions remain seamlessly compatible with all existing technologies, they have been designed from the outset to comply fully with all NESA and i3 Next Generation standards. Learn More…

The WestTel Difference

Products, System and Solutions

WestTel’s 911 Call Handling Solution is a high availability system that leverages existing technologies while being completely IP capable and compliant with NENA and i3 standards. We are:

Adaptive              Pioneering

Modern               Reliable               Learn More…

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to WestTel, we are therefore including some current customer testimonials below:

“Over the years I’ve come to appreciate how quickly you and your team respond to concerns expressed by dispatch, and your persistence in finding solutions. Thanks for adding an incredibly valuable tool to the dispatch quiver”

Tom DaleDispatch, Clear Creek County, CO

“I can honestly say as an I. T. Manager who understands the support challenges involved with high availability systems that we couldn’t have chosen a better company to meet our need. Our Police Department is also very appreciative of the system and support. We highly recommend WestTel and their E9-1-1 system.

Maureen WalshIT Manager, Boulder City, NV

“Consider WestTel for your 9-1-1 PSAP system. The only regret we have is that we did not move sooner to have WestTel as our 9-1-1 provider.”

Stu NayUndersheriff, Clear Creek County, CO

“After our research for a new system that was both affordable, reliable and had a strong maintenance and customer support plan, WestTel 9-1-1 stood above the rest in all categories and has continued to do so during our entire affiliation with them. WestTel stays innovative and willing to grow and provide the needed improvements for the various agencies they service. I would highly recommend WestTel International as an excellent provider of 9-1-1 services.”

OliverCommunications Supervisor, Black Hawk, CO

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