WestTel International is completely free of the legacy demands faced by most companies serving the public safety industry. While our solutions remain seamlessly compatible with all existing technologies, they have been designed from the outset to comply fully with all NENA, APCO and i3 Next Generation standards. More importantly, WestTel solutions are built to be easily and quickly upgraded as technology and industry mandates continue to evolve.


Our unparalleled proficiency in Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) is not the only quality that makes us stand out. WestTel is driven by a revolutionary business model that leaves outmoded industry practices behind. We make continuous and incremental upgrades to our systems, or as new technology becomes available, as a part of standard maintenance. These rolling upgrades are included as part of our normal billing cycles, eliminating the need for costly, time-intensive, and logistically problematic system overhauls every few years.


With WestTel International, you are provided totally integrated emergency service systems that were devised to simplify telecommunicators’ lives. These services are fully fledged NG9-1-1, complying with all current i3 standards as well as readily upgradable to accommodate future innovations. Finally, WestTel delivers top-of-the-line technology with incomparable service and support and at stable, predictable pricing.

WestTel International is changing the way the public safety industry talks about state-of-the-art.

WestTel is Next Generation 911, period.

Our mission is reinvent the way public safety incorporates innovation.

We are: Adaptive, Pioneering, Modern, Reliable   

WestTel, through more effective and more cost-efficient methods, makes it easier to keep your citizens safe.


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